Deadwood Slot Rating and reviews

Playing the Deadwood slot machine is going to be a lot of fun for you if you’re a lover of old Westerns and movies like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Hang ‘Em High. This epic story of bounty hunting and capturing outlaws is set in the American Wild West, which provides a fantastic background for the action.

The slot game Deadwood incorporates all of the recognizable symbols associated with cowboy culture. For example, the symbols on the reels include gold bars, dollar-signed swag bags, sheriff badges, whiskey decanters, and double-barreled shotguns. The developers at Nolimit City have done an excellent job of placing the player in the role of a masked and heavily armed bounty hunter.

The Deadwood slot has a high volatility, and its return to player percentage of 96.03 percent is sufficiently near to the industry standard for a slot game’s RTP. There are 576 distinct ways to win in Deadwood, and the largest reward that you could possibly walk away from a session of playing with is 13,950 times the amount that you wagered.

Controls for the Deadwood Online Slot

Because the Deadwood slot is a direct successor to Nolimit City’s Tombstone slot, the controls are fairly identical to what they were in that game. On desktop, the game is laid up in what would be considered an unconventional manner for a contemporary slot machine. The reels take up the majority of the screen, while the controls are located in the bottom left and right corners of the display.

You may access the paytable by either clicking or pressing the gear icon that is located on the left-hand side of the screen. You may play Deadwood at a quicker pace by clicking or touching the lightning symbol that is located on the right side of the screen. This is useful if you don’t have a lot of time to play the game, since it allows you to complete levels more quickly.

When utilizing the autoplay feature of the Deadwood slot machine, you have the option to program in certain stop circumstances if you so want. In order to do this, you will need to select the autoplay button and then decide whether you want the game to end when you win more than a certain sum or when your balance falls below or rises beyond a predetermined percentage.

The experience of playing Deadwood on mobile devices, such as those running iOS or Android, is quite similar to that of playing the game on a desktop computer, as is the case with all of the Best Slot Games. The only discernible change is that the settings have been rearranged in a different order to allow playing the game in a vertical orientation rather than in a landscape orientation.

The Gameplay of Deadwood Explained

The core gameplay of Deadwood, which utilizes a 3-4-4-4-3 reel configuration, is quite similar to that of its predecessor. However, there is one significant change between the two: the 5 reels have been expanded larger to accommodate one additional symbol on each reel. This indicates that there are, in principle, 576 different ways to win while playing as opposed to Tombstone, which only offers 108 different ways to win.

How does the gameplay work in the Deadwood Wilds?

The Hunter Wild is the kind of Wild that appears most often in Deadwood, and it is a completely stacked symbol that has the potential to show up on the middle three reels of the game. In the event that it only shows in part, the xNudge function has the ability to move it such that it covers the whole reel.

Explanation of the Deadwood Free Spins

In Deadwood, the player has the opportunity to trigger one of two different types of free spins. When a minimum of three cow skulls appear anywhere on the reels, any one of the activation features will be triggered. After that, you will be offered the choice to get either 8 free spins on the Hunter slot machine or 8 free spins on the Gunslinger slot machine.

Gunslinger Free Spins

Gunslinger free spins are more erratic. A multiplier will be activated after each Hunter wild that is struck, and it will continue to increase after each nudge. Additionally, this multiplier will not reset until the round is through. You will be awarded an additional free spin if a sheriff’s badge appears on either the first or the fifth reel. If it happens to land on both reels at the same time, then you will be eligible for an upgrade to the Shoot Out free spins feature.

Hunter Free Spins

During the Hunter free spins round, which has a reduced volatility overall, at least one of the Hunter wilds will fall on each spin. When it comes to the sheriff’s badge, the same conditions apply; thus, there is also a possibility to improve the feature and gain some Shootout free spins for yourself as well.

Free Spins in the Shootout

When you play Deadwood, the round known as the Shootout is going to provide you with the best opportunities to win prizes. During this mode, the sheriff’s badges will remain in the positions they were previously in. In the event that the Shoot Out feature is activated, all low-paying symbols that appear on the middle three reels will be replaced by wild symbols.

Win, Return to Player, and Volatility for Deadwood Max

The maximum payout on the Deadwood online slot is 13,950 times your initial wager, and it offers a return to player percentage of 96.03 percent, which is somewhat more than the industry standard. The basic game of the Deadwood slot machine has a high volatility. This indicates that you should anticipate winning less often but more substantially than you would in a game with a lower level of volatility.

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